Here at Rose Pharmacy Inc. we believe there is a perfect fit for every job need. The success of every working relationship and your career depends on this initial decision—Am I a perfect fit? Will this company be the perfect partner for me to reach my goals?


IT TAKES TWO to TANGO. While you bring in your expertise and your passion, we try to be the ideal partner in grooming our people to be more equipped and competent in the retail business by providing development programs and constantly researching on ways to engage our employees.


COMMITMENT is not new to us. Over the years, we pride ourselves for having employees who have been with the company for 15, 20, 30 and even 40 years!  We are a group of people who find fulfillment in serving the community and in providing them their health and beauty needs with the best of what we could offer.


WE are SEARCHING for the individuals who understand our purpose, who genuinely love retail and who can work together harmoniously with the team to build something great.

So, yeah.



We earn trust. We show PASSION. We believe in Inspiration

TRUST. Wow, Big word.

Trust is truly a big word to us and we mean business when it comes to earning your trust. In everything that we do, we strive to be honest – in our offers, in our services and in how we communicate. It can also be evident in our advertising, and in how we deal with applicants.

This can also be manifested in how we build relationships with our team members and our business partners.
We earn trust by being professional through our Product Range and Services. This means that we just don’t deliver– we know by heart what we deliver and serve. We are committed to deliver what is best for our customers.

We are also sincere in our care and we strive to provide what our customers and team members need.

PASSION. Because it all starts from what the heart says

Our services are initiated from the heart. We love what we do and we do what we love.
We search for similar-minded and similar-hearted people who are passionate in retailing, and are willing to work for our vision.
These people will be our service catalysts in showing genuine interest in all our customers’ needs and dreams through providing each customer with services initiated from the heart.
We believe that our passion in health and beauty will be mirrored by our people and in how they deliver our services.

INSPIRATION. Not just a one-time transaction.

When people choose Rose Pharmacy, it is because we have what they need and we have earned their trust.
But when people keep on coming back to Rose Pharmacy, it means that they believe we are doing our best to inspire them at all times.

Inspiration is not a one-time transaction.

It’s creating connections, building relationships, creating waves and ripples.

We do this by exceeding expectations, walking the extra mile in understanding the needs of the customers and our team members, then provide solutions.

We apply this value all throughout our business—from the way we hire to how we select innovative products; from how we ensure good value for money to customers, to the innovative services, tips and ideas that we willingly share.

HISTORY. It starts from the roots.

Rose Pharmacy itself prides on its humble beginnings in 1952 of bringing pharmaceutical services to the Philippines. See history here.


Our Store Support Center is an awesome workspace where there are days such as Yammer Days, Casual Fridays (think jeans and t-shirts), meeting rooms designed for various working styles.  It also speaks volumes of how our passion for great service comes from within. Take a look at our new crib.


What makes Rose Pharmacy the “IT” Health and Beauty company that every retailer at heart is slowly recognizing?


  • TRANSPARENCY From our clear glass doors to the prodding encouraged by our CEO himself, anyone can just approach anyone. With no strict protocols on hierarchy, we strive to be open and clear on our objectives and expectations towards employees.
  • A MIXTURE OF FUN and WORK. We promote fun and hard work within an open and healthy working environment through our Employee Engagement activities.
  • SO FLUFFY, I’m GONNA DIE!! Like teddy bears and warm hugs, we all try and be like one family. After all, that’s where Rose Pharmacy all started!
  • PROVISION OF WINGS. We don’t mean literal wings, but more of the metaphorical one. For one to become equipped in soaring high in their careers, we make sure we provide them with the proper tools and trainings for them to fly on their own.

We remember from our Mothers’ Day video ,then scholar now recently-licensed Pharmacist, Mary Joyce Rivera, who is an alumnus of our Rose Pharmacy Scholarship Program. Our program supports the financial aspect of the BS Pharmacy education for eligible children of our regular team members.

Today, as she visited her mother, she is surprised by the warm wishes of almost everyone from the team.

Congratulations Mary Joyce and her mom, our Ate Mariss, as well as all new licensed pharmacists! We are all proud of you and we are more than happy to welcome you to our team.

Mother’s Day Video

More moms than ever are in the workforce. For us, a big percentage of our team members are working mothers.

Being a full-time working mother can be very stressful and mostly unappreciated because of expectations both from work and family.

In this video for Mothers’ Day, we featured Ate Mariss Rivera, our full-time Admin Associate/ Utility Associate who has been a team member for more than a decade. By day, she makes sure that our offices are clean and well-kept, she also delivers packages and documents within the head office. At home, she is a very doting mom.

Little did she know how much her child appreciates and loves her (we do, too!). In this video, we have interviewed her daughter who also happens to be our scholar for a BS Pharmacy course. Experience this heart-warming sharing of love.

To you Ate Mariss, and the rest of our awesome working mothers, Happy Mothers’ Day.

Silent heroes

In the eyes and words of the children of our employees, we have captured what their heart says about their parents who they look up to as heroes, who wake up every day and go to work, in order for their dreams to come true.

Just like these children, we also see our team members the same way. Every single one of them go to work with challenges to face, and sometimes, under conditions that are not always favourable. They support customers, they teach and learn from each other under these conditions. The fact that we have been in the business since 1952 is a testimony to the resilience of our team spirit.

So on Labor Day, for us, the first on our list to thank for, would be our team members. Thank you, our silent heroes.

Rose Udtojan Viral Customer Service

A lot of industries have invested on research about how to look for productive employees who have great customer service. Patterns appear in different experiments, providing guidance for management in all kinds of organization.

But for us, customer Service emanates from happy employees. Happy individuals make happy employees. No amount of training or employee engagement programs can make an unhappy person bring out good customer service.

Such is the story of our very own Rosalia Udtojan, whose good customer service captured by a very satisfied and happy customer, Bevs Nocete, went viral online. Incidentally nicknamed Rose, she is an embodiment of how we train our Rose Pharmacy team members to do—service with love.

We thank you Rosalia for being an exemplary modern hero. For at these times, it doesn’t take swords or acts of valor to touch other people’s lives. With this commendable situation, we believe that heroism starts with a grateful heart and a sincere, happy smile.


They say, Knowledge is Power! What powerful values will you be getting from our programs?

Welcome to the Family – Our basic Orientation Program intended for all newcomers to be informed of policies, house rules, and everything about the company.

Leadership– You will understand what it takes to become a leader, how to act decisively, be a strong coach to others and build bridges within and across functions.

Teamwork– Here, you will learn and acknowledge the value of the team, while celebrating and recognizing the success of others

Health and Beauty– You will be given information and knowledge about all our product lines.  This is needed to fully maximize said information to further serve the individual needs of our consumers.

Real Life Store Scenarios. Our simulation training room, which is currently being constructed, will mirror a real store to equip our Store personnel with scenarios akin to that of the real store setting.

Career Succession through our Development Programs (ODP and PDP) – As meeting customer needs is a very high priority for us, we give valuable training in sales and customer service excellence, as well as safety procedures. You will aspire to climb the ladder and move beyond as part of the Rose Pharmacy family.

To be able to work in our stores, you have to undergo our Operations Development Programs depending on your position.

Designed for pharmacists, each level is intended to further develop the career path for each. The module is designed by Dairy Farm Hongkong and will be cascaded by our adept technical trainers.


We take the definition of AMAZING to the next level. Check out our qualifications:

I think I’m amazing! Do I Qualify to be part of this awesome team?

  • I am over 18 years old
  • A Filipino Citizen or a foreigner eligible and willing to work in the Philippines
  • Degree Holder
  • Proficient in Filipino and English
  • Willing to work in a team
  • Met medical standards
  • Met Physical and Mental standards
  • Good track record in the academe or in previous employment
  • Willing to be trained
  • Doesn’t have any issues on working performance
  • Computer Literate
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Has no affiliations with other Pharmacies
  • Consumers (Focused)
  • Meeting customer needs a high priority
  • Think about issues from a customer perspective
  • Delivers values to the customer
  • Innovation
    • Open to new ideas
    • Initiates change
    • Encourages creative solutions
    • Looks for ways to frame issues by connecting the dots from all sources and coming up with innovative solutions
  • (Good) People (Skills)
    • Engaging personal style
    • Fun to work with
    • Evidence of working well across different cultures
    • Clearly values and appreciates others
  • Team (Player)
    • Acknowledges the value of the team
    • Plays on more than one team and supports other businesses and functions
    • Stands by and supports the decision of the team
    • Celebrates and recognizes the successes of others
  • (Delivers) Sustainable Results
    • High level of accountability
    • Track record of delivering results over time
    • Focuses on medium/longer term impacts
  • High (Integrity)
    • Strong personal values
    • Open and transparent
    • Reliable and committed
    • Willing to swim against the tides and stand up for own beliefs

In a fast-working environment, it is important to understand and love what you do and do what you love. A willingness to work collaboratively in a retail environment is a must. Thus, we look in the following to determine said passion:

  • Good technical skills or potential for the role
  • Relevant industry or relevant functional experience
  • Knowledge of geography/location
  • Closely matched technical background
  • Strong track record and upward mobility
  • Consistent evidence of promotion and progression at previous academe and/or employers
  • Delivers strong results
  • Bias for Action
  • Can act decisively
  • Gets things done
  • Makes change and leaves footprints
  • Brings Others Along
  • Good communicator
  • Strong coach to others
  • Builds bridges within and across functions
  • Thought Leadership
  • Ability to think conceptually
  • Challenges the status quo, and addresses root causes of issues
  • Foresees future trends/ implications and takes necessary business actions


We hire fun, dedicated, and competent individuals who can easily adapt to anything that comes their way. Are you up for the challenge?


You’ve actually breezed through everything and have decided to make a great decision to join our team?

 Before anything else, you may have some questions. Try checking on our FAQs for some possible answers:


How do I apply for a position?

All applications need to be submitted online. You can view our Career Job Openings or Jobstreet and choose the position you would like to apply. Do not forget to tell us why you would like to join our amazing team.

How will I know my application has been received?

We will send an automated email acknowledging we received your application. Someone from HR will contact you as soon as possible. We practice of at least 2 weeks of turnaround time. Do not forget to double check all your contact info!

I’ve sent my application. Now what?

Thank you so much for applying! Only fit candidates for a specific position will be contacted. But don’t worry we will keep your resume just in case we have something for you.

Your system keeps crashing and I couldn’t submit my application!

If that happens, don’t fret! You can still send your resume to Please make your desired position as your subject in your e-mail. Other means to apply are through the following:




Hey! I live nearby a Rose Pharmacy branch!

You can actually give out your resume to any of our 250 branches and they will just deliver it to us. Please be wary though, online application is a lot faster than having it in snail mail. Also, make sure to address it to HR Recruitment.

I have worked as a Pharmacist before, am I one step ahead?

It can, yes. However there are still some factors to consider before hiring.

Is Rose Pharmacy Inc Unionized?

For our Rank & File Store Personnel, yes.

Can I render extra hours at work?

Yes, you can, but we highly encourage our employees to work within the allotted shift. We wouldn’t you to be burnt out or exhausted.

What’s the pay like?

We offer competitive salary because we have aligned ourselves with the current market.

I don’t have any work experience, do I still got a shot?

Of course! Everybody must start somewhere, right? Fresh graduates are welcome to apply to any of our entry level job openings.


OUR AVAILABLE CAREER OPPORTUNITIES – What department best fits you?


Charged for retail addiction. Check if your favorite people are here

We love our people and we celebrate their individuality. These pictures are actually excuses to celebrate how vain we can be



We hire fun, dedicated, and competent individuals who can easily adapt to anything that comes their way. Are you up for the challenge?


If Content is King, Then it should dress accordingly