• Sensodyne Pro Relief Fresh Mint Twin Pack 2x100g

    223.25 VAT Inclusive

    Sensodyne® Fresh Mint toothpaste works deep inside the tooth to soothe painful sensitivity.

    • Helps to keep the pain from coming back. Sensodyne® Fresh Mint toothpaste has a mild mint flavor that keeps your mouth feeling fresh and clean.
    • Sensitivity relief
    • Lasting sensitivity protection
    • Cavity protection
    • Fresh mint taste
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  • Closeup Diamond Attraction 100g

    101.50 VAT Inclusive

    For a power white smile, here’s a revolutionary toothpaste by closeup. Co-created by cosmetic dentists, closeup diamond attraction will give you a bright smile in just 60 seconds, as it is powered by blue light technology, that starts working from the first brush itself. Get the closeup diamond attraction gel toothpaste in this 50 gm pack that you can even carry when you travel. Show off that dazzling diamond smile to everyone.


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  • Colgate Cooling Crystal

    80.25 VAT Inclusive

    This extra fresh gel is infused with cooling crystals to enhance the toothpaste’s ability to freshen breath. It does not mask odour — it truly freshens breath by getting to odour-causing bacteria, one of the causes of bad breath. As a result, breath stays fresh for hours. It also restores the natural whiteness of your teeth and has an intense flavour too!

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  • Colgate Optic White 100g

    126.25 VAT Inclusive
    • Whitens teeth in 1 week; Provides daily ant cavity fluoride protection
    • Goes beyond surface stain removal to deeply whiten with peroxide, unlike ordinary toothpaste
    • Available in a sparkling mint flavor, helping to freshen breath while whitening as you brush every day
    • Is enamel safe and intended for twice daily use
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  • Colgate optic White 40g

    58.75 VAT Inclusive

    Get your bright, white smile back with Colgate Optic WhiteToothpaste, which leaves teeth one shade whiter after just one week. Colgate® Optic White™ has Whitening Accelerators to safely exfoliate stains and polish teeth surfaces. For best results, use as directed on pack.

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  • Colgate Sensitive Relief 110g

    173.25 VAT Inclusive
    • Toothpaste with exclusive Pro-Argin™ technology
    • Seals and repairs
    • Prevents sensitivity from coming back
    • Helps to strengthen gums
    • Kills up to 99.9% oral bacteria in lab tests. Up to 24 hours fresh breath protection
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