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Eye Cream & Treatments

  • Crystal Moist BRIGHT ION+ Brightening Eye Concentrate 20ml


    Brightening Eye Concentrate – Soothes and Brightens Eyes

    • A light and refreshing eye concentrate to soothe and brighten delicate eye area.
    • Reduces the appearance of dry, fine lines and brightens eye with Mulberry Root Extract.
    • A combination of Sea Shine and Floral-Bright Complex combats dullness and lightens dark circles.
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  • Crystal Moist HYDRA ION+ Moisturising Eye Concentrate 20ml


    Moisturising Eye Concentrate – Relieves Tired Eyes

    • A light and nourishing eye concentrate to soothe dryness and tautness around your eye area.
    • Reduces the appearance of dry and fine lines.
    • Relieves signs of fatigue around the eyes and lightens dark circles for more radiant eyes.
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